Godzilla Monopoly / Gamera Monopoly


Full Gameboard

The board has been completed. I mis calculated and instead of 20in x 20in I made it 27in x27in. The above link is to a 20x20 resize, therefore some detail was lost. Here is a link to a zipped file containing the board cut into 8x10 printable jpgs.
It does make sense however, that a Giant monster based monopoly game should, itself, be giant sized!
If you too want to print out the 27inch square version, email me and I will email it back.

Property cards
set 1, set 2, set 3, set 4, set 5.

Gamera and Godzilla cards
Godzilla Card Backs - Gamera Card Backs - The 16th cards
I printed the card backs and then printed the descriptions on 1"x2 5/8" office max labels. Here are the Word 2000 files with the descriptions.
Godzilla card desc. - Gamera card desc.

Get some colored paper at Staples and print your own yen!
ones,fives,tens,twenties, fifties,one-hundreds, and five-hundreds

Instructions! in word 2000 format.

This game is for personal entertainment only, it is not to be sold, or in anyway used to make money. Godzilla and Gamera and all characters are registered trademarks and copyrighted by Tristar, Toho, Daiei.
Monopoly is a registered trademark of Hasbro.
No copyright infringement is intended.


Some things we know about Gamera

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